13342 76th St - 47,890 sf Assemblage

35,917 sf Residential BSF - Development Site - For Sale

Property Details

DY Realty Group has been retained on an exclusive basis to offer for sale this 47,890 sf assemblage of residential.

Lots 26,29,37, & 39 are contiguous lots totaling 31,353 sf.
Lot 19 is 16,537 sf.

Lots provide frontage along, Ruby Street, Dumont Avenue, & 76th Street (Emerald Street)


13342 76th St, Lindenwood, Queens, NY 11414
19 26 29 37 39
Belt Pkwy

Sq Ft

Available Land
47,890 sf
Buildable SF
35,917 sf residential 65,780 sf community use
47,890 sf


Asking Sale
Call or Email $4,400,000.00
Sale Type
On title


Development-Community Facility Development-Residential

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8196 survey
13342 76th St - 47,890 sf Assemblage Brochure


Belt Pkwy


R4 districts allow all types of housing at a slightly higher density than permitted in R3-2 districts. The floor area ratio (FAR) of 0.75, plus an attic allowance of up to 20% for inclusion of space under a pitched roof common to these districts, usually produces buildings with three stories.

To accommodate a potential third floor beneath a pitched roof, the perimeter wall may rise to 25 feet before being set back to the maximum building height of 35 feet. Front yards must be 10 feet deep or , if deeper, a minimum of 18 feet to provide sufficient space for on-site parking and prevent parked cars from protruding onto the sidewalk.

Detached houses must have two side yards that total at least 13 feet and each one must be at least five feet wide. Semi-detached buildings need one side yard with a minimum width of eight feet. The maximum street wall length for a building on a single zoning lot is 185 feet.

One off-street parking space is required for each dwelling unit. Height and setback requirements may be waived by authorization of the City Planning Commission.

On blocks entirely within an R4 zone, optional regulations may be used to develop infill housing when the area is already predominately built-up. A higher FAR of 1.35 is available for qualifying sites, as well as 55% lot coverage, allowing for much larger buildings with more dwelling units. Off-street parking is generally required for two-thirds of the dwelling units.

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